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Look Book: The Marketers With Matching Leopard Sweats

Photo: Lucas Michael

Giulia Cavalieri, Marketing Assistant, and Dunia Hamza, Marketing Manager 

Did you plan to match today?
Giulia: No, it was not on purpose at all. We both showed up at the airport this morning and were like, “What the hell?”
Dunia: We didn’t have time to change. We both work for a brand in L.A. called Happiness and are in New York for a trade show.

Why are fashion sweatpants such a thing right now?
Dunia: I’m not sure. Sweatpants have come such a long way. They’re just really in right now. I wear mine with Nike, Vans, or Converse or, when I’m out, a strappy heel or a pump. Just don’t pair them with knee-high boots. That’s a no. Actually, a hell no.

Are you having fun in New York?
Dunia: When I’m here, I feel so alive. In L.A., I don’t care to go out, but in New York, I want to stay out late, meet guys. I don’t like L.A. guys.

What’s wrong with them?
Dunia: They’re all pretty boys who try too hard.
Giulia: Yeah, I couldn’t really date anyone in L.A. I’m so glad I imported my boyfriend from Italy!

Lightning Round
From: Dunia: Los Angeles; Giulia: Bologna, Italy
Neighborhood: Dunia: Los Feliz; Giulia: Koreatown
Favorite New York spot: Dunia: Café Gitane. “That place is just super-cute”; Giulia: the High Line.
Best L.A. celebrity spotting: Dunia: “Rihanna. I was out one night. Don’t remember the club. But I got teary-eyed. I really did.” Giulia: Ryan Gosling. “I accidentally walked by the Gangster Squad premiere and saw him. I obviously had a heart attack.”

*This article appears in the November 17, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.

Look Book: The Marketers Who Match