Margot Robbie Talks About That Underwater W Cover

Photo: Bill Viola/W Magazine

How long can Margot Robbie hold her breath? In light of her new W cover, which depicts her underwater, it seemed worth investigating. “Maybe a minute?” the actress estimated at last night’s Hugo Boss Awards, which also drew Kate Bosworth and Nicola Peltz. Robbie was given “a bit of a heads up” by the magazine’s brass, she said: “They told me to practice in the bathtub.”

The image is one of two covers of the magazine’s December/January art-and-fashion issue; the other features Jake Gyllenhaal similarly submerged. Artist Bill Viola snapped both stars in a water tank at his California studio. “We did a couple of costume changes, so we ended up doing it quite a few times, actually,” Robbie said. The final shot shows her wearing an embellished Donna Karan dress. Had she ever taken a plunge in a $10,000 gown before this shoot? “Definitely not!”

Margot Robbie on That Underwater W Cover