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Do Millennials Make Good Personal Assistants or Nah?

Photo: JPM/Corbis

Millennials: Can we make it as other people’s subordinates? Can we be beckoned and can we be called? The Hollywood Reporter has investigated by speaking to dozens of assistants and their bosses, all from an industry supported by droves of personal assistants.

Here are the things millennials are good at:
• Computers
• Idealism
• Oversharing
• Throwing networking parties and then saying stuff like: “We’d wake up at 7:30 a.m., shake off our hangovers, show up and crush it.”
• Self-centrism
• Providing fun anecdotes, such as:

Have you heard about the assistant’s mother who called a power agent to complain about how she was treating her daughter? Or the assistant at a boutique agency who froze when his boss asked him to print a script? (He’d only ever seen them in PDF format.)

Here’s what they are not good at:
• Subservience
• Anticipating boss’s needs 
• Being “motivated by such time-honored enticements as money, fast cars and power.”
• The printer

In conclusion, millennials are good at six things and bad at four things, and there is at least one millennial-at-large earnestly using the phrase crush it to describe the completion of daily professional tasks.

Do Millennials Make Good Personal Assistants?