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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Calculate How Far You’ll Walk in Heels for Them

Photo: Thomas Whiteside for Elle

You followed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen through overstuffed living arrangements, you followed them to a summery lake, you followed them to the unquestionably haunted Thorn Mansion and debatably cute Dog Camp. You followed them to NYU and to Knicks games. But would you follow them up an indeterminable amount of stairs if you were wearing heels?

While planning a show for their clothes label the Row, Elle reports that the pair made some determinations about people’s devotion to see their line:

“The elevator can only fit, like, 10 people,” Ashley laments.

“But it’s a small show,” Mary-Kate counters.

Ashley: “What are we inviting? Ninety people?”

Mary-Kate: “One hundred.”

Ashley: “So that’s 10 elevator trips.”

“Or people can take the stairs,” Mary-Kate says. “But everyone will be in heels.”

“Can we do that to people? We are already asking that they arrive at 9 a.m.,” Ashley asks.

Like a ping-pong match, the discussion goes. But in the end, the twins agree. They always agree.

“It’s perfect….” 


We never learn what they decide, but someone get these women a Sorkin parody, please.

The Olsens Wonder How Far You’ll Walk for Them