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Rejoice! Emoji Realizes Nonwhite People Exist


While it’s been fun and not all offensive finding work-arounds to the “all-white face-emoji” problem, it’s about time the omnipotent Unicode Consortium gave people of color some other options (besides my personal go-to, the “new-moon face” emoji).

Soon, we will emoji with all the colors of the wind: The Consortium has released a proposal to bring more racially diverse faces to our favorite mode of communication. The new Unicode 8.0 will modify preexisting emojis, allowing users to long-press their favorite face in order to bring up a palate of skin-tone options, a harmonious rainbow of diversity. Hopefully, the Consortium also has plans to create some more diverse hair options beyond that bowl cut.

The expected release is mid-2015, reports Mashable. But keep in mind, we’re still waiting for those other promised new emoji to become available, so I won’t [black “holding-breath” face emoji].

Rejoice! Emoji Realizes Nonwhite People Exist