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Rosie Assoulin Would Be Up for Making Wearable Tech

Photo: Danielle Kosann/the new potato

You’ve got to love a girl who orders a panini and a Stella Artois while wearing a white jumpsuit. Rosie Assoulin shares her food picks with the New Potato today over the aforementioned spread, and says that she’d definitely consider wading into the wearable-tech waters.”I’ve been thinking a lot about this stuff. It has feel right and real, but I think first, it’s going to feel weird. So, I might be a late adapter. I think that you’d be an idiot to fight it, to fight technology, and to fight the way it affects us and the way it works. Don’t fight, and don’t try to make it about the past too much. Don’t say ‘It used to be great when …’  I hate that conversation; it’s so sad.”

In addition to her no-frills taste in food, Assoulin has a perspective on getting dressed that’s definitely worth emulating. She tells the site,

I think sometimes when we look in the mirror and we’re getting dressed, we’ll say “Okay if I walk around like this the whole night [stands up straight and puffs out chest], then the look is okay.” But it’s just not going to happen. We don’t really walk around the way we look in the mirror. I can relate to that. It’s like, “If I stand with my arms out to where I don’t touch my body, then I can wear this strapless top.” You’ve gotta be you in it. Sometimes you’ll do a pose, but that’s not what you’re going to look like. You’ll have a goofy smile, your posture is going to be weird, there’s going to be a bulge of fabric somewhere. Instead, just go with it.

Photo: Danielle Kosann/the new potato
Rosie Assoulin Would Be Up for Making Wearables