She Woke Up Like This: Designer Cynthia Rowley

Photo: Petra Collins

In this series from Pretty Hurts, Petra Collins photographs six New York women as they prepare for their days.

Designer Cynthia Rowley doesn’t sleep much — she goes to bed late and wakes up early. “I get up around 7:30 and check in with my older daughter to make sure she’s set with breakfast,” she tells the Cut. “Then I jump in the pool for about half an hour. That’s when I set my day; I swim and think about what I have to do when I get to the studio. Then I make breakfast for my little daughter, shower around 8:25, and I’m out the door by 8:30. I wake up like I’m shot out of a cannon — it’s totally pedal-to-the-metal until drop-off, which is before 8:40.”

Her beauty routine, as a result, is built around speed — she’s out of the shower in less than five minutes. “I don’t do any makeup before I leave,” says Rowley. “Maybe a little bit of eyeliner, which takes like two seconds, and then I’ll put on sunglasses to get to work and have a minute to get myself together. I use a liquid eyeliner now, but for years I just used a black Sharpie.”

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Additional reporting by Katie Van Syckle.

*This article appears in the November 17, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.

She Woke Up Like This: Designer Cynthia Rowley