She Woke Up Like This: Stylist Haley Wollens

Photo: Petra Collins

In this series from Pretty Hurts, Petra Collins photographs seven women as they prepare for their days.

Stylist Haley Wollens — who has worked with M.I.A., Miley, and Drake — rises early and immediately gets to work. “I usually wake up around 7. I don’t sleep that much,” she says. “If I feel dirty enough, I’ll take a shower. My only ritual is that I make a cup of tea, I brush my teeth, and I just start. I work from home a lot, and I just get into it.”

“My job is very glamorous, but on a personal level, I just keep clean and brush my hair,” Wollens says. “I don’t have to get dressed right away because I’m in my house, so I’ll stay in my pajamas until it is time for me to leave. And if I don’t have to leave I might be in my pajamas all day.”

Click ahead to see Petra Collins’s portfolio of Wollens’s routine.

Additional reporting by Katie Van Syckle.

*This article appears in the November 17, 2014 issue of
New York Magazine.

She Woke Up Like This: Stylist Haley Wollens