Solange Had an Aesthetically Superior Wedding

Photo: News/Corbis

As promised, Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson married in New Orleans this past weekend. As expected, it was a wedding for the Instagram Hall of Fame.

The festivities began on Friday with the rehearsal dinner, which included a screening of a mini-doc about the couple’s courtship (eh, fine) and Mahogany, the movie they watched on their first date. The actual wedding took place on Sunday and, judging by the photos, had an all-white dress code. Here are a few shots nabbed from Instagram:

 Solange’s pre-wedding jumpsuit and cape were by Stephane Rolland.

Ferguson’s wedding tux was a white Lanvin number. Solange’s wedding dress was by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. It also included a cape. It’s official: Solange just made wedding capes a thing.

Everyone wore white.

Here, a wedding tableau that could double as the opening scene from a music video. It was shot by Rog Walker.

Here, a shot from Solange’s first wedding in 2004. Time is everyone’s friend.

A mini-doc about the relationship, matching white vintage bikes, the platonic ideal of a wedding jumpsuit, and a New York Times wedding announcement that barely acknowledged Beyoncé’s existence? Dreamy. Excuse me while I go update my secret Pinterest wedding board.

Solange Had an Aesthetically Superior Wedding