A Start-up Wants Your Vagina to Smell of Peaches

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Oh my God, your vagina doesn’t smell like a ripe stone fruit? Well, two Silicon Valley bio-hackers have developed a solution to that embarrassing problem. It’s called Sweet Peach, a probiotic supplement that will allow women to make their vaginas smell like peaches, reports Inc.  

The idea behind it, explains the creator, is just personal empowerment, which totally makes sense for a product insinuating that women need to fix or enhance their nether regions. But lest you think women’s vaginas are the only fix-it targets, founders Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome also have plans to create a pill that will make pets feces smell like bananas.

But why stop at vaginas and dog poop? Semen could also use a new scent and flavor. Here are a few ideas!

20. Beef au jus
19. Fish sauce
18. Chipotle mayo
17. Sriracha
16. Pizza grease
15. BBQ sauce
14. Vegemite
13. Teriyaki beef jerky
12.  Hot maple butter
11. Sage gravy
10. Listerine  
9. Apple
8. Organic Avenue Green Juice
7. Cookies and cream
6. Peppermint extract
5. Pumpkin spice
4. Ramen broth
3. Hershey’s Syrup
2. Popcorn
1. Champagne

You’re welcome, Silicon Valley. You are welcome.

A Start-up Wants Your Vagina to Smell of Peaches