Taylor Swift Tries Out Beyoncé’s Post-Shower Bob

Photo: wonderlandmag/Instagram

Prim daisy-petal Taylor Swift is shedding her squeaky-clean image by arriving to a photo shoot straight from a shower. Darlingly, Swift appears on the cover of Wonderland Magazine with drippy hair, reminiscent of Beyoncé’s waterlogged bob at the Grammy Awards. 

As you can see from this proof, Swift is just absolutely letting that damp hair down. Relaxing. Living a little. No blow-dryer necessary, thank you kindly.

Meanwhile, her blow-dryer and best friend is sulking, remembering better days when they couldn’t even go to the gym without each other. I guess that time has passed, thought the blow-dryer, sniffling through his little metal spout, hoping that he wasn’t about to be at the center of a Velveteen Rabbit/Toy Story 3 situation. 

Taylor Swift Tries Out Beyoncé’s Post-Shower Bob