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Uber Charges Woman, Woman Charges Public

Photo: Courtesy of Uber

On Halloween, deceptions of the night played tricks upon one woman’s mind and she failed to notice an Uber rate increase. The 26-year-old awoke to a $362.57 charge for her 20-minute ride and thought, This is certainly a mistake regarding fairness.

But if the world isn’t fair, then isn’t this bill really the world’s problem? Ergo, she thought, logic fully returning to her in a flood of notions, the world would pay this charge, if only she charged them. 

And the world paid, and the world paid promptly. In 12 hours on November 1, she received $512 through her GoFundMe crowd-sourcing campaign. Timely payments build good credit, thought the world, happy to complete all bills on the first of the month, just as everyone should. 

Uber Charges Woman, Woman Charges Public