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The Undress Solves That Pesky Undressing Problem We Didn’t Know We Had

Here’s a scenario: You’re running outside or surfing or doing yoga on a cliff. You’ve finished and now want to change out of your sweaty Lululemon ensemble. Where can you do it? The car? Not unless you’re a yogi (I mean, you might be). How about the public restroom or Porta-Potty — the cesspools of common people? Under a towel? I mean, what are we, the shy girl in the middle-school locker room?

Enter the latest Kickstarter solution to a bogus fashion problem, the Undress (patent pending). Created by two avid outdoor athletes, the Undress is a “propriety changing system that allows you to change from one outfit into another, without ever getting naked.” Basically it’s a maxi-dress that lets you engage in awkward wiggling while you change your underwear without ever flashing anyone. The fund-raising video shows you how it’s done. Be warned: It is confusing.

Photo: The Undress/Kickstarter

So far the project has raised $700,000, meaning that supposedly a lot of people have this problem — or the Never Nude community has finally found its perfect product.

The Undress Fixes Problem We Didn’t Know We Had