It’s Not You, It’s Us: Welcome to ‘It’s Complicated’

Photo: Hulton Archive

Are relationships really like sharks? Is love still a battlefield when you’ve been married over two decades? Welcome to “It’s Complicated,” where we’ll be taking a deep dive into these juicy, perennial questions — and some newer, more 2014 ones — through the middle of December. We’ll help you determine whether you’re an exaholic and, if so, what to do about it. We’ll talk to couples therapists’ about their best advice for deciding when to hold on or when to let go. We’ll tackle Tinder, ex-sex, sexless marriages, open relationships, polyamorous breakups, and being “the other man.” We’ll explore the best ways and places to rebound in style. Our resident advice columnist, Polly, will be serving up an exclusive, extra relationships column each week; the Science of Us team will pitch in with a love statistic each day; and our friends at Vulture will be bringing us the most memorable breakups in cinematic history and other highlights from the world of pop culture. By the end of the month, we hope to have gotten a little more understanding on the sometimes frustrating, sometimes transformative, always engrossing subject of modern love — or at least, as is the hope with every short-term fling, have racked up some good stories along the way.

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Welcome to ‘It’s Complicated’