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What If ‘Free the Nipple’ Were More Like Pussy Riot?

Free the Nipple is an online movement to fight the double standard that allows men to go shirtless where women cannot (in public, in movies, on social media). It is not the most dire injustice in this sick, sad world. Still, celebrity activists like Scout Willis, Cara Delevingne, and Miley Cyrus have drawn attention to nipple censorship as a symptom of gender inequality that inconveniences breast-feeding women and kept Rihanna off Instagram for months. But you would never guess it from the Hollywood version, out December 12 from Sundance Selects and starring Lola Kirke, sister of Jemima. A new trailer for Free the Nipple shows the movement reimagined as a revolutionary army of broke young women clashing with the police, like Pussy Riot and Femen. Righteous!

What if ‘Free the Nipple’ Went Militant?