10 Animals That Remind Us of Paris Hilton

Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Does anything really happen in the last two weeks of the year? If it did, would you care? Welcome to Brain Dead Fortnight, two weeks of mental vacation.

Here at the Cut, Paris Hilton is a source of perpetual delight. She transports us to a pool party where it is permanently 2003. She teaches us the true meaning of “foam and diamonds.” We think of her when we smell celebrity fragrances, when we mourn Juicy sweat suits, and, sometimes, when we see pets.

Remember when you couldn’t open an Us without seeing Paris and a member of her flock of Chihuahuas? Through some trick of memory they have become one in our minds: Paris, Paris and the dogs, or chinchillas, or ponies; Paris and any creature hiding behind hair and pink and sparkles with shaky limbs and terrified eyes.

This is a collection of the animals who made us think of Paris Hilton. We are now deep in Brain Dead Fortnight.

10 Animals That Remind Us of Paris Hilton