Seen at Victoria’s Secret: Pedicures and Push-up Bras

Photo: Ewen Spencer

The scene backstage at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — held last night at the London Coliseum — isn’t like most fashion shows, or really like any other place on earth. There is an epic amount of security to get in — members of the press were asked to provide government-issued I.D. and have their bags sniffed by dogs — and, when they got through, they were greeted by a gaggle of glossy, manicured models who cheerfully Instagrammed each other’s kissy-faces, talked enthusiastically about their kale diets and workout habits — and, on occasion, even shared their anxiety dreams.

The Cut sent photographer Ewen Spencer into the fray, to photograph the scene before the show — including last-minute pedicures, phone calls, and interviews (many happening simultaneously), as well as the spectacle onstage. Click through our slideshow to see his portfolio. 

The Victoria’s Secret show aired last night on CBS. Revisit the looks in the Cut’s coverage from last week

Backstage at VS: Pedicures and Push-up Bras