A Brief History of Men in Rollers

Photo: Columbia Pictures, NBC

Does anything really happen in the last two weeks of the year? If it did, would you care? Welcome to Brain Dead Fortnight, two weeks of mental vacation.

When Bruno Mars performed as the world’s fanciest grandma in golden rollers on The Voice earlier this month, it made us think of other men who appreciate the benefits of a decent roller set. Curlers (or rollers) are the dependable tools for full, bouncy hair that last, and a few other famous faces have embraced the old-fashioned benefits of Justin Timberlake–like dude ringlets. Click through the slideshow below for a brief history (because it’s a history, although brief) of men who have worn the glorious roller set.

Photo: NBC

Golden Guy: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars besieged fans during a performance of “Uptown Funk” with golden purveyors of bounce in his hair. It’s not the first time either: Bruno first paid respects to the mighty roller set in his music video for the song. 

Photo: Scout LaRue Willis/Twitter

Aspiring Wilma Flintstone: Bruce Willis

Here sits Bruce Willis: a man who has blown up buildings, saved Earth from an asteroid, and talked to dead people. He also fathered five daughters, who must have had quite the night playing dress-up with their dear old dad.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Tight Waves Savant: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s tight curls on American Hustle were made with the help of perm rollers. His manly face-scruff on the other hand, is au naturale.

Photo: New Line Cinema

Riding Around and Getting Curls: Faizon Love

Three cheers for Faizon Love in Friday: He showed that touchable ringlets come at a price, and that price is a green set of rollers.

Photo: Terry Richardson/Terry’s Diary

Most Capable-Looking Updo Expert: Paul Rudd

Even Cher Horowitz would approve of Paul Rudd’s steadfast commitment to voluminous strands and glistening lips.

Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News/�© www.splashnews.com

Beauty-School Dropout: Ed Helms

Based on Ed Helms’s haphazard rollers of assorted sizes, it appears he may need to watch a tutorial or two on how to achieve a bountiful bounce.

A Brief History of Men in Rollers