The Cut Staff’s Weirdly Specific Holiday Gift Guide


How many gift guides do you think there are in the world each holiday season? A thousand? Ten thousand? Fifty thousand? So why is it still so freaking hard to find a great gift? When we look through gift guides, are we really just searching for items to add to our own personal wish lists? (Probably.) With that in mind, we made very personal lists of things to buy each member of the Cut, in hopes that we might spark a flicker of self-recognition in the archetypes we’ve outlined, like “The Girl Who Tried (and Failed) to Meet Oprah,” “The Woman Who Pulls the Weirdest Things Together Perfectly,” or “The Woman Who Is Secretly Amazing at Karaoke.” Click through the slideshow, because you know you just can’t help it: You love a good gift guide.

Market Editor: Veronica Misako Gledhill
Beauty Editor: Kathleen Hou

The Cut’s Weirdly Specific Holiday Gift Guide