cassy's revenge

Hero Woman Gave Cheating BF the Christmas Gift He Deserves

Photo: NessLovnTrey247/

Most people, upon making the Yuletide discovery that their S.O. has been a cheating dickbag, would probably hit the ‘nog a little harder than usual while drunkenly yelling, “LOVE IS DEAD!” during viewings of Love Actually. But not today’s internet hero, Cassy. According to a series of tweets that now have over 13,000 retweets, Cassy demonstrated the best way to handle an adulterous lover: Find incriminating DM’s, print them out, wrap them up all nice, and present the incriminating evidence to said lover as if it were a special Christmas present (like an iPad or a gift certificate to Target). Then document the “big reveal” on social media as a way to shame, humiliate, and punish them.

Hoax or not, the case study of Cassy demonstrates an important lesson: Revenge is a dish best served cold, and beautifully wrapped at Christmas.

Hero Woman Gave Cheating BF the Gift He Deserves