Lindsay Lohan Knows She Should Drink More Water, But It’s So Boring

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan’s “Top Shelf” interview with Into the Gloss provides the usual laundry list of beauty products and observations so banal they’re somehow charming coming from a famous person. Like that it’s hard to sit still through a manicure, and the most expensive product isn’t necessarily the best one. That although the bathtub is a good place to display your products and your candles (or stage your photo shoot), taking a bath is kind of gross if you think about it. That most yoga is pretty boring, but the sexy, strip-tease kind is embarrassing. Come to think of it, taking care of your skin is boring, too.

I freak out when I get any blemishes and I’ll pick my face—I’m so, so bad about that. […] I wouldn’t say that I have acne-prone skin, though—it’s normal-to-dry—especially dry if I’m traveling and not drinking enough water. I forget about that…water is so boring.

Less boring are the photos displayed on Lohan’s vanity, which include Terry Richardson and Meryl Streep.

It’s Important to Drink Water But Also So Boring