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John Stamos, Amy Poehler, and the Uncertain Sea of Modern Dating

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The state of affairs of courtship in 2014 is a jumble. It’s ambiguous, it’s undefined, and it’s unlabeled. In sum: No one knows whether it’s a date or not.

This confusion was publicly explored by Amy Poehler regarding uncertainty about whether an evening restaurant excursion with John Stamos was a romantic date or nah. Meanwhile, innocent and beautiful Adonis statue John Stamos didn’t even know about the possibility of uncertainty. He clarified:

I guess [Amy] didn’t know it was a date. I asked her out on a date. And we had a really nice time. Then I hear she thought it wasn’t a date. It was a date in my eyes.

Stamos says now he and Poehler are “really good friends.” No one tell him that is a precarious phrase that means everything and nothing. Let him have at least a day of contemplating date ambiguity first.

John Stamos and the Uncertainty of Modern Dating