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What Will Happen If Kate Middleton and Beyoncé Meet

Photo: Getty Images

In advance of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three-day trip to New York, the New York Post has outlined the couple’s schedule in great detail. They arrive Sunday and are expected to hobnob, rub elbows, wine/dine, and gala-hop for the duration of their stay. Great photo ops, typical stuff. But here’s an appointment of note:

On Monday night, Will and Kate are expected to meet with NYC’s own royal couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé, at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to launch a collaboration between the NBA and William’s foundation, United for Wildlife, which supports conservation in Africa.

This is such important news: Britain’s Royal Couple will meet hip-hop’s First Couple. Duchess Kate Middleton will meet Queen B. KMid and Bey. Their new couple name: KBae.  

Some possible effects of this rare and special supernova: 

• There will probably be some confusion as to who should actually bow down first. They might bow down at the same time and bump heads, which would be adorable.

• When they shake hands, there will be some sort of Captain Planet–like effect. Their joined limbs will emit a light so pure, so powerful it will wipe out mankind so that only KBae remains to repopulate the Earth.

• The combined glow of their radiant, flawless skin will blind anyone within a six-mile radius. 

• They will hug each other warmly and the world will implode because it is not equipped to handle that much power.

• Most likely, they will arrange a future playdate for their respective power offspring, Blue Ivy and Prince George, the photos of which will actually melt the internet and finish the job Kim Kardashian’s ass couldn’t.

Kate Middleton and Beyoncé Might Meet on Monday