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Kim K Kropped North Out of Her Instagram

Photo: Nate Beckett/Corbis

After posting a slew of adorable pictures of her daughter at a Disney on Ice performance this weekend, Kim Kardashian decided she’d had enough of little North and needed to get back on-brand. And what’s the central pillar of the Kim K Social-Media Philosophy? Selfies.

Kim posted the below pic, captioned with the kissy-face emoji, late Sunday night. She looks cute! Chiseled cheekbones, sleek pony, perfectly sculpted eyebrows. But what’s notably missing from the image is Miss North, whom Kim completely cropped out.

Maybe North had something on her face? Maybe Kim thought she looked fat and was trying to save her daughter from an onslaught of mean Instagram comments. Either way, it’s kinda nice to know motherhood hasn’t made Kim any less Kim-ish.

Update: Kim has finally commented on #kropgate.

Kim K Cropped North Out of Her Instagram