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Lindsay Lohan Now Has a Clothing Line Called My Addiction

In the market for a T-shirt with the inscrutable slogan “Civil Regime”? No? Okay, how about a sports jersey bearing the name of the Lohan dynasty? Stay with us. Somewhere at the corner of Lowbrow and Despicable, Lindsay Lohan has unveiled the aforementioned pieces for a new clothing line with the surely self-aware title “My Addiction.” Whatever addictions Lohan may or may not be subject to, the line’s title appears to refer to her yen for making affordably priced menswear. Yes, menswear — though she also serves as a model for the line, so really it’s more like unisex? The Daily Mail reports that Pacific Sunwear, which also hawks a Kendall and Kylie Jenner clothing line, will offer the capsule collection beginning December 12. Shirts, socks, and beanies will be available, presumably because pants are really hard to design.

Lohan Has a Clothing Line Called My Addiction