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The Old Person’s Guide to Sexting Like a Teen

Photo: Paul Sutherland/Getty Images

Whoa! Have you heard of this sexting thing that’s so popular with kids these days? It’s a message containing sexual content that is transmitted from one cellular device to another. Sometimes sexts are sent by people who are actually having lots of sex — but most often not. Now, olds, you may know all about the birds and the bees, but that doesn’t mean you know how to compose an effective sext. CNN, of all places, wants to make sure you’re all up on it, so they’ve published an extensive glossary of fun and sexy acronyms teens are using to initiate sextual exchanges. Let’s dive in.

IWSN: I want sex now

GNOC: Get naked on-camera

PIR: Parent in room

CU46: See you for sex

53X: Sex

8: Oral Sex

9: Parent watching

99:  Parent gone

1174 Party meeting place

CID: Acid (the drug, not the scientific property)

PRON: Porn

TWD: Texting while driving

Got all that? In case you can’t think of your own complete sentences, here are a few examples of how to pull it all together:

Novice: Hey. I like 53X. [Sex.]  Do you like 53X? [Sex?] LH6. [Let’s have sex.] Cool. CU46. [See you for sex.]

Intermediate: 99. [Parent gone]. WWTP? [Wanna trade pictures?] Then GYPO [get your pants off] and send me that SUGARPIC [suggestive or erotic photo].

Advanced: Holy balls, I’m on CID [acid]. PIR [Parent in room], but I don’t care. Let’s GNOC [get naked on-camera]. Are you into 9? [Parents watching?]

Happy sexting, everyone! Remember, this glossary is brought to you by a national internet safety expert,,, and CNN — but not anyone who has ever sent or received a dick pic, it seems.

The Old Person’s Guide to Sexting Like a Teen