oh rats

Rats in Sexy Little Jackets Reveal Secret of Male Attraction

Photo: Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino

As if decades of male enthusiasm for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show didn’t answer this question, researchers at Concordia University in Montreal have set out to discover if men are more attracted to women in lingerie.

To untangle this probing question, researchers allowed virgin male rats to mate with female rats wearing special little jackets, which are apparently the rodent version of sexy lingerie. Then they gave the male rats the option of mating with either jacketed or unjacketed rats. The results showed that rats, like humans, can learn to associate sex with contextual clues. Those pervy little rats saw the wee jackets, thought of sex, and preferred jacketed female rats as their mates.

“Just as as lingerie turns on human males, tiny jackets do the same for male rats,” as the lead researcher puts it. Kinky.

Rats in Jackets Reveal Secret of Male Attraction