Report: Kanye Plans to Pursue His True Talent — Fashion

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Two seasons in Paris, an ongoing Nike collab, and an APC line weren’t enough for Kanye West. He has so much more to give the world of fashion, if you believe a Complex item claiming that he is planning to ditch the music world and focus on la mode full time. (We’ve reached out to West’s publicist for a comment.)

Whether or not the rumors are true, it is definitely the case that since Kanye last graced us with his runway stylings in 2011, the fashion industry has been like the Gobi,  just waiting for Kanye to rain down inspiration. We need shoes that look like mollusks. We are clamoring for astrakhan jet packs. We need creations made from whatever magical Yeezy Fabric is inside this binder. When we gather at chic watering holes to consume tiny cubes of tuna tartare, most conversations boil down to “When will the hallowed inventor of leather jogging pants be resurrected, Yeezus-style, to rule again?”

Because when your music garners reviews like, “When you’re this great, you can be forgiven anything,” and your fashion garners reviews along the lines of “like being subjected to an hourlong MRI scan — but not as much fun,” it’s clear that fashion is really where you need to be.

Report: Kanye to Pursue His True Talent, Fashion