Riccardo Tisci Was Goth Long Before It Was Cool, Okay?

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

“The Goth Samaritan.” That’s the Financial Times’ new moniker for Riccardo Tisci, and it’s a fitting one. Like a jaded tenth-grader looking back on his freshman days, the Givenchy designer told the paper, Tom Ford was doing sexy and glam, and I was doing goth. I was very dark. And the press killed me. It’s OK. The same people that hated me then . . . After six years, they came.”

We get it, Riccardo; you’ve always been a true lord of darkness. Now celebrating his ten-year anniversary with the house, Tisci says it wasn’t always foam-and-diamond parties in Ibiza. “I had to cross the street to use the public photocopier because there wasn’t a working one in the Givenchy studio. We didn’t have the money,” he recalls. Somehow, we think his current existence involves little to no xeroxing.

Riccardo Tisci Was Goth Long Before It Was Cool