This Is the End of ‘It’s Complicated.’ We Can Still Be Friends, Right?

Photo: Adao/Splash News/Corbis

Listen, readers of the It’s Complicated pop-up blog, we need to talk. When we started this thing, we made some promises: We told you we’d laugh, we’d share some advice, and we’d figure out what the kids are really up to these days. And we did! We had so many great times: We improved our vocabulary, we mixed things up in the bedroom, and we got some answers from the stars. Along the way we took a few trips, we contemplated bad decisions, big life choices, and the road not taken. But you knew from the beginning that we came with an expiration date. We could try taking a break, sure, but it’ll probably just prolong the inevitable. Hey, hey, don’t cry. It could be so much worse — at least we don’t have property to divide. Breaking up will always be rough: Some people choke on chicken, some have to join support groups, some even steal your sex toys. But we know you’ll bounce back in no time — whether it’s with a co-worker, a bartender, or at one of these amazing spas. Let’s really keep in touch, though, okay? Thank you for everything, truly. It’s been real.

This Is the End of ‘It’s Complicated.’