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Vivienne Westwood Says: Merry Christmas, Here’s Some Asbestos

Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images

Vivienne Westwood had an interesting stocking stuffer for British Prime Minister David Cameron today. According to the Evening Standard, the designer went to No. 10, accompanied by her son Joe Corre and a gas-masked Santa — not for carols, but to deliver a package containing asbestos. The Santa-hat-wearing Westwood, who has been a vocal opponent of fracking, planned the stunt to raise awareness about how the practice could be the next asbestos or thalidomide disaster, in terms of environmental impact. Westwood told the paper, “We have the opportunity now, and I hope David Cameron takes it, to put an end to what could be something quite disastrous for the UK.” Unfortunately, this particular package did not make it to its intended recipient, as the police did not allow her to enter.

Westwood: Merry Christmas, Here’s Some Asbestos