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Why Don’t You Guys Know How to Wear Scarves?

Photo: Led/Corbis

We are what we Google. And yet, we are not what we Google, for we Google with the hope that it will fulfill a lack in knowledge. We Google because we want to know. We are a curious people.

According to Google’s yearly inventory, the five most frequently asked “Fashion Questions” were as follows: 

1. How to wear a scarf

2. What to wear to a wedding

3. What to wear to an interview

4. What to wear on a first date

5. What to wear to a concert

Aside from the first, these questions are actually versions of: How should I be? How does a person be? Good questions. But let’s not step aside from the first question, because the first question indicates that you guys just don’t know how to deal with scarves. Why is that? Scarves are truly the most simple version of fabric (i.e., rectangles). Just wrap that stuff around you in a pleasing way that doesn’t fall apart. Don’t overthink it. Don’t Google it. Just wrap and tie. There you go. Enjoy yourself and your life. 

Why Don’t You Guys Know How to Wear Scarves?