The 26 Best Adjectives From Pippa Middleton’s Fancy Guide to Skiing

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Pippa Middleton has written her final exam essay for Vanity Fair about the best places to ski in a fancy fashion. In alphabetical order, here are the best adjectives she employed in this assignment:

• Aerial
• Alfresco
• Artsy
• Booming
• Champagne (to describe snow powder)
• Chichi
• Chocolate-box (to describe a village)
• Comfy
• Cowboy (to describe boots)
• Dull
• Farmhouse (to describe an atmosphere)
• Favorable
• Finest
• Funky
• Fur-bedecked
• Fur-covered
• Fresh
• High-end
• Ice-cool
• Mind-blowing
• Peaceful
• Pottering
• Romantic
• Seafood (to describe a tower)
• Sushi (to describe a type of junky)
• Western

That’s it from Pippa, who is loving life, skiing through the pristine Alpine slopes of language, and enjoying all the funky-fresh Champagne powder that the world can offer.

Best Adjectives From Pippa’s Fancy Skiing Guide