According to Bradley Cooper’s Calculations, He Is Exactly the Right Amount of Handsome

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

Speaking on the Today show, Bradley Cooper says that his looks have never given him any sort of problem. His handsomeness is just the amount that is enough, but not too much. In his words, the first job he “ever got was on Alias, and I was not the … good-looking guy. I was the sidekick, best friend. And in Wedding Crashers, I was the jerk. So, no, I never sort of suffered that ‘Oh, he’s too handsome’ [problem] ever.” If his looks were a porridge, for example, they would be the ideal temperature. If he were a bed, he would be the right amount of cozy. Basically, if Goldilocks were picking a perfect degree of handsomeness, she would pick him because he is just right.

Bradley Cooper Declares He Is Perfectly Handsome