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Céline Casts Didion, Women’s Brains Explode

Photo: Celine

Author Joan Didion has usurped Daria Werbowy as the new face of Céline. It is the biggest orchestrated news event in the world of girl-crushing since Jenna Lyons appeared on Girls, and the Cut is still processing.

There was initial delight: Céline chose a non-model and an intellectual to embody its feminine ideal. (Although who would expect less from Phoebe Philo?) Then, sadness — fueled by Vogue’s extreme fawning — at how the conventional aesthetic appeal of Didion’s life sometimes threatens to overshadow her writing. (If I have to read about her packing list one more time …) Then we reminded ourselves not to hate the player — that is, not to punish Joan Didion for living in a world that overvalues female self-presentation, just because she happens to freaking rule at it. (Get it, Joan.) Finally, it was suggested that we were acting like hipsters whose favorite indie band just hit No. 1.

Let’s all just calm down and re-read “On Self-Respect” (which was written for Vogue!) a few more times.

Céline Casts Didion, Women’s Brains Explode