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Could the Viking Diet Be 2015’s First Diet Craze?

Photo: Johner Images/Getty Images

Throw out your olive oil and stock up on cod: The latest in regional diet fads hails from the Nordic countries. According to Vogue, Quartz, and perhaps science, the most effective weight-loss plan of 2015 is the New Nordic Diet. It centers on things like canola oil, whole grains, fish cakes, seaweed, lingonberries, and delicious moss. Also, the New Nordic Diet emphasizes eating only organic, local, and seasonal foods — which means you’re not just cutting calories, but you’re also cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. Making it perhaps the most selfless diet in existence.

Vogue has already approved the plan by dedicating a January cover line to the benefits of “The Viking Diet,” though we at the Cut would like to propose a name change to the “Ikea Diet” and demand the immediate inclusion of Swedish meatballs as a primary source of protein.

Could the Viking Diet Be 2015’s Diet Craze?