Did This Nice Actor Get Married for the Airport Benefits?

Photo: Fred Duval/2014 Fred Duval

Why do people collide their identities with another person (i.e., get themselves married)? It’s been a question that people have wondered for a long time. To take one humble step toward solving this habitual enigma, celebrity reporting group Popsugar asked Eddie Redmayne about his favorite part of marriage, personally. He’s been married two weeks, so certainly he’s had time to think about it, and he has:

Where to start? What was amazing was, we came into LAX yesterday, and I think that when you’re married, you can go as, like, a couple, up to passport security. Normally? Quite intimidating. But they seemed much kinder to me when I was with my wife.

It’s a good answer, even though he asked two questions during his explanation.

Did This Actor Marry for the Airport Benefits?