Dolly Parton’s Tip for Meeting People: Way Existential

Photo: Christian Behring/Geisler-Fotopr/Foto: Geisler-Fotopress/Behring

In an essay for Woman’s Day, blessed rhinestone Dolly Parton shares some of her kindly wisdom, in case you would like to become a similarly generous, gorgeous soul. She’s happy to start at the beginning. For example, when you meet a person, why not remember that everyone has come from the same cosmic stardust at some point?

When I meet someone, I look at their eyes and their smile and seek out the good first — it’s easy to find when you’re looking for it. You let a person shine with their own light and try to connect it to yours. As soon as I say hello, I go right to that light and I don’t care who you are! I know we’re all pieces of the same thing — I go for that common light because I know it’s in all of us.

It’s Dolly Parton’s guide to the unbearable lightness of being. Join her, won’t you?

Dolly Parton’s Existential Tip for Meeting Folks