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The Fug Girls Live-Blog the 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Photo: Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty Images

Everyone agrees that the mash-up of movies and TV, liberally seasoned with free booze, gives the Golden Globes the potential to be Hollywood’s most entertaining exercise in self-congratulation. But its red carpet — before everyone’s started drinking (presumably) — is compelling for a whole other reason: As the first outing of awards season, it’s entirely possible that everyone from E! and its victims will be totally out of practice. Sure, by the time the Oscars roll around, everyone’s got their patter down pat and perfectly prepped. But tonight? It’s our best shot for faux pas like Giuliana calling Boyhood a documentary or asking Birdman’s Michael Keaton if he’s ever wanted to play a superhero. Anything could happen, so join us as we live-blog the red carpet and pray “anything” shows up quickly and in something sheer.

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The Fug Girls Live-Blog the Golden Globes Carpet