All of the Ways Amal Clooney Was Too Good for the Golden Globes


Human-rights lawyer Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) was the jaded college girlfriend of the Golden Globes prom: Just because she agreed to be husband George’s date — she knows how much it means to him — doesn’t mean she’d be caught dead doing all of the surrounding traditions. Such as:

Taking shots. She refused to do one with Giuliana Rancic, even though Rancic went out and got Clooney’s tequila specially for the occasion.

Comparing manicures. Amal expertly dodged the mani cam (and wedding ring blather) by wearing white gloves. Where’d she get the gloves? They’re her own, she said. Once you’ve been to a couple dozen of these things it just makes more sense to own your own.

Melodramatic displays of affection and commitment. While husband George gushed about how proud he is of her — while receiving his lifetime achievement award — Amal arranged her face to appear to be listening very hard and not at all embarrassed.

Acknowledging the political crisis in France. Amal accessorized with a button that says “Je Suis Charlie,” for Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper whose staff was murdered last week, leading to a manhunt that ended in a double hostage siege and a memorial march of millions of French citizens.

Mispronouncing haute couture. She can also describe that Dior gown in Arabic, FYI. 

Yes, Amal Clooney Was Too Good for the Globes