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A Gun Range Wants to Help You Get Over Your Divorce

Photo: Shutterstock

Starting on Valentine’s Day, a Las Vegas gun range, Machine Guns Vegas, is offering a cathartic new package for recent divorcées. “Just Divorced” is a $499 package that offers a recently divorced person the use of “wedding memorabilia as targets.” That’s right: Gather your friends, your wedding dress,  your marriage certificates, and your rings (if you’re a good enough shot), and sign up for a perfectly healthy and rational post-breakup shoot-a-thon.

The owner, Genghis Cohen (yes) tells the Washington Post that the act of blowing your wedding memories to bits with a pink machine gun will help “put a positive spin on what can be a difficult and stressful time for people.” Though, honestly, is firing a round into an overpriced dress anywhere near as satisfying as this classic move from Waiting to Exhale?

A Gun Range Wants to Help You Get Over Divorce