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This High-Tech Mirror Will Point Out All Your Flaws

Photo: Disney Productions

Thanks to new technology coming from Panasonic,  you’ll soon be able to look into a mirror and have it point out all your flaws. Just think! One day you could look in the mirror and say, Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? and the mirror would look back and say, You, except for that pimple, that pattern dryness around your hairline, and the bags under your eyes. And then it would suggest treatments and products to fix everything.

Panasonic claims the mirror isn’t all about bad news — it can also be used to help consumers try out new haircuts, facial-hair stylings, or other looks before committing to them.

The magic mirror is still just a prototype, and we are years away from it hitting the market. Until then, there’s always Mom: similarly skilled at pointing out every flaw, wrinkle, stray hair, pimple, or large pore. At least sometimes she’ll temper her brutal honesty by buying those appearance-improving products.

High-Tech Mirror Will Point Out All Your Flaws