The Hipster Never Really Existed, Says Carrie Brownstein

Photo: IFC

The chief exporter in hipster parody, Portlandia co-creater and Sleater-Kinney gem Carrie Brownstein, expectedly admitted that her empire is built on a pile of fine sand.

When asked if the word hipster means anything anymore, Brownstein said:

You know, I feel like hipster is one of those terms that no one ever knew exactly what it meant. It plays into everyone’s insecurities of someone else being cooler than they are, or trying to be cooler than they are. I always felt the term was insufficient in this way. To me, it was like, “Describe something that you yourself felt like you couldn’t pull of.” It felt sort of derogatory, but at the same time, there was the element of, “Should I be wanting to do that?”

The hipster never was. The hipster is the Keyser Söze of human categories. It is a ghost, a shadow with a mask on it, an echo wearing a Carhart beanie.

The Hipster Never Existed Says Carrie Brownstein