Jennifer Aniston Deeply Fears the Watery Depths

Photo: Kevin Mazur/PMA2014/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has divulged a personal terror for her, a fear of submerging in water. In her words: “I basically have a real fear of going underwater … and no one will believe me. I honestly can’t.”

Like any well-developed character, she provides an origin story. It involved riding a tricycle into a swimming pool as a child. Like any multidimensional character, her life also opens up theories, one of which connects the possible ill effects of liquid on her most signature feature (blow-dryer-blessed strands of honey, a.k.a. her hair).

Anyway, can one ever completely understand one’s fears? Just two months ago, Aniston also said she was afraid of flying. It is lucky for her and her beautiful haircuts that humans are land mammals.

Jennifer Aniston Deeply Fears the Watery Depths