Jared Leto Wants You to Join the Cult of the Fanny Pack

Photo: Jared Leto/Twitter

Dauntless, sultry ostrich Jared Leto wriggles himself into caftans and lets his long locks flow into the soft breeze that follows him wherever he strolls. He is the luxurious sexy-hippie dandy of our era, and he secures this identity while saddled with the preferred accessory of ‘90s moms at the zoo: a fanny pack

What’s that now? Yes, Leto’s beloved side-satchel could seem at odds with his breezy vibes. Leto will correct you that it’s not. It’s not a fanny pack if the wearer boldly struts with the unperturbed confidence of an orbiting sun and doesn’t call it a fanny pack. 

When Leto wears it, it’s actually hip pack. Fanny, as a descriptor, had to go for obvious associations with fuddy-duddies. With Jared Leto’s Hip Pack (trademark pending, certainly), one can revel in the wordplay that matches both pelvises and fashion. In order to share this exciting new step in the world of accessories, Leto is generously selling his ubiquitous Hip Pack on his excellent website, JAREDLETOMERCH.COM. Buckle up, kids. 

Join Jared Leto in the Cult of the Fanny Pack