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Kate Moss Has No Time for This ‘Traveling Light’ Business

Photo: marycharteris/Instagram

We all come with some baggage, but Kate Moss exceeds the rest of us in that department. The supermodel’s husband, Jamie Hince, strode into the Aberdeen airport with five trunks, a Louis Vuitton duffel, a pillow, and a blanket in tow — all of the couple’s luggage for a weekend in Scotland. British socialite Mary Charteris posted evidence on Instagram with the caption “Such a light traveller Jamie daaaaaarling!!” — despite that Moss was nowhere to be seen in the photo. The Daily Mail reports that the Kills frontman “could be seen perspiring,” though by whom, we’re not entirely sure. Perhaps they have a mole in the Moss entourage?

Kate Moss Does Not Believe in Traveling Light