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Naomi Campbell Was a Total Boss on Empire Last Night

Photo: FOX

Let’s all give thanks to the creators of Empire and the TV gods for bestowing unto us Naomi Campbell, in her most deliciously bitchy and British form. Last night, Campbell made her long-awaited appearance on the show as Camilla who’s in the throes of a steamy (secret) May-December relationship with Hakeem, the youngest potential heir to the Lyon throne.

She had perhaps a total of one minute of screen time, but between sipping Champagne alone in a gold sequined jumpsuit, and commanding her younger lover to say “you’re my mama” before banging him on a pool table, we look forward to a season full of Naomi Campbell engaging in this weirdly Oedipal sexual relationship and the inevitable “Mama” Camilla versus Mama Cookie showdown.

Naomi Campbell Was a Boss on Empire Last Night