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Naomi Campbell Wishes the Instagirls ‘Good Luck’

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Between Karlie, Cara, Gigi, and Kendall, we’re in the midst of a supermodel renaissance. These one-name-only stars, frequently dubbed the Instagirls after the Vogue cover story highlighting their social-media fame, are the biggest things since Linda, Cindy, Christy, and Naomi ruled in more analog times. That said, though Instagram lets us know every time Gigi tears up the mat at Gotham Gym or Karlie bakes another batch of Kookies, some people feel things have come too easily to the younger set. And by “some people,” we mean Naomi Campbell.

“I mean, good luck to them,” Campbell said in an appearance on the Meredith Vieira Show, not really managing to sell the sentiment. “I just feel like my generation of women — like Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Claudia [Schiffer] — we had to earn our stripes and take our stepping stones to get to where we have gotten to accomplish what we have achieved to this date. I kind of feel like, ‘My God, we’ve worked so hard, and we are still working at it.’ Then it just comes like that for them, but I sometimes believe easy come, easy go. I am actually grateful for the way I had my career. I wouldn’t want it any other way. So that’s for them, this is me.”

Crawford has expressed milder sentiments, telling the Evening Standard last month that “These girls, because of social media, are able to craft their own image in a way we weren’t. These girls, even as they’re just beginning, they’re not as pigeon-holed by how other people see them. Someone like Cara, the reason she is so cool is she gets to be who she is on social media and have that direct relationship with fans.”

Naomi Campbell Wishes the Instagirls ‘Good Luck’