New Reflective Fabric Ruins Thirsty Pap Shots

Photo: betabrand.com

Are you absolutely hounded by vile sidewalk people, hoisting cameras at you? Does everyone around you simply desire to just get one recording of a facsimile of the essence of your impeccable being?

Yes, this is your burden, you precious celebrity gem. But now — now is the time for you to exact your revenge, because designer-slash-DJ Chris Holmes has created the Anti-Paparazzi Collection. This shiny clothing line blurs photographs into a haze by reflecting light from the camera bulbs.

The Anti-Paparazzi Collection comes in three pieces: a hooded jacket (for the cool camera-magnet), a blazer (for the business-oriented paparazzi-bait), and an infinity scarf (for the cozy socialite). Choose your item and saunter forth. Ruin every image that might be made. Leave only disappointment and artsy images of a celebrity ghost in your wake.

New Reflective Fabric Ruins Thirsty Pap Shots