Hot-Pink Gowns Were Big at the People’s Choice Awards

Photo: Getty Images

Last night, a smattering of celebrities turned out for the People’s Choice Awards, the populist aperitif to awards season. Though many nominees seemed unable to make it to last night’s ceremony, the ones who did show made their presence known by wearing their brightest duds: Viola Davis, Kristen Bell, and Gabrielle Union all showed up wearing fuchsia-colored gowns, while Amy Adams stuck with a tried-and-true royal-blue Gucci. Meanwhile, others opted for jumpsuits, unexpected guest Jesse McCartney wore a velvet purple suit, and Ellen DeGeneres took this low-stakes occasion as a chance to show off some pieces from her new clothing line, E.D., set to launch this May.

Click through our slideshow for all these looks and more, including Betty White, Olivia Munn, and Robert Downey Jr.

Pink Gowns Were Big at People’s Choice Awards